Decoration of events

100% All inclusive

Offering all inclusive solution for event  is one of Co Events added value.

We are here so that you can concentrate on what is the objective of your evening, your event: seduce new customers, successfully launch a new product or concept, thank privileged partners… you will do it all the better by having a free mind.

For this purpose, our partner network is at your disposal: room rental, caterers, decorations, sound and lighting, hostesses, security…

If you wish, take advantage of our expertise and adopt Co Events solution

  • Decoration of events

    The event decoration that we offer you is based on multiple talents and skills. Whether indoors or outdoors, whether they are ephemeral (a few hours) or for several days, Co Events offers you to accompany your elements with the appropriate decoration. Depending on where your event takes place and its theme, let Co Events surprise […]

  • DJ animation

    Whatever your type of event (Latin, 80s, Electro, etc.), we are able to offer you the DJ that corresponds to the theme of your event and your guests. If you wish, we can offer you screens to accompany the intervention of our artists! Immersion guaranteed: 100% event!

  • Giant screen

    Co Events has developed, in partnership with a specialized structure,  large screens sizes for sale or rental. From 9 to nearly 100 m², we have a wide range of interventions. The screens can be modular and trailer mounted. They are of high definition quality. The Stade De France as well as great artists on tour […]

  • Mapping: at the service of your event!

    Mapping is really a tool for your events It is a video light projection that allows to create three-dimensional effects by adapting perfectly to the surface on which the light is projected. The possibilities being so wide and the technique having really evolved, mapping brings to your event stunning and personalized effects. Although the upstream […]

  • Sound and lighting systems

    Co Events offers you, if you wish, a turnkey evening  by proposing the rental and installation of sound and light for your events. In addition to the various activities, we are able to assist you in the sound and lighting of your event, whether it is held indoors or outdoors, whether it is intimate (a […]