Accrobatics in bubbles


“The circus is an art in its own right.

Trapeze artist, clown, balancing act, jugglers, aerial artists, etc….  All artists have one thing in common: hours, days and even years of work to make you laugh, move you, shiver during their acts…

Solo or in companies, the circus world is vast because artists from all over the world exhibit their talents.

Being around them is a real pleasure because we at Co Event admire their courage and humility.

Discover here some exceptional acts and contact us: we (almost) necessarily have the talent you are looking for!”

  • Accrobatics in bubbles

    This acrobatics in bubbles is particularly original and combines different qualities that enhance your event: musical quality of the artists, visual aspect surprising these bubbles. Very large in size, these transparent bubbles will highlight the artistic qualities of the artists: hoop, fabric, rope… This mix of talent and enchantment gives your event a unique and […]

  • Acrobat show on skates

    These  acrobats on skates, with an astonishing mix of artistic, acrobatic and sports dance. Our artists, European champion of acrobatic roller shows, offer you an exceptional performance, mixing speed and balance. The quality of their show was rewarded by the Monte Carlo Circus Festival. You’re going to like it Acrobatics Creative Choreography

  • Acrobatic and comic act : the famous S

    A particularly brilliant comedy show presented by this trio of crazy artists. They design shows that combine acrobatics, dance and comedy. They ride, dance and jump throughout their acts. These are energy concentrates that have only one objective: to make you laugh!

  • Aerial duo on faceted balls

    This aerial duo offers a particularly original act. They will evolve in the air, on glittering faceted balls. The synchronization and posesy that emerge from their movements. This act combines contortion, hand balance and dance : this act is highly appreciated for its originality and will be a highlight of your evening or artistic program.

  • Air trio in cube

    aerial acrobatics in trio for an exceptional moment. These three female artists evolve around a cube suspended in the air. The imbalance is constant as our artists unroll and wrap their bodies around this geometric shape. The symbiosis of the show creates a unique moment of magic and grace for your guests.

  • Animal ventriloquist show

    Ventriloquist show performed by one of the masters in the field. In particular, he has developed an exceptional act with his dog, which is particularly funny and highly successful wherever he performs. Not to be missed !!!!

  • Balance in White: Russian bar show

    This Russian bar show is produced by a talented trio of artists. The demonstration of balance they offer is truly exceptional and you will hold your breath throughout the act. the complicity and exchange between the partners add an emotional dimension to this beautiful show

  • Christopher’S: French trapeze artist

    This French trapeze artist performs in the most prestigious venues and places: Cirque Pinder, Paradis, on Patrick Sébastien’s “le plus grand cabaret du monde” show. Christopher is an artist of immense talent. He performs magnificent choreographies that will make you tremble every second of his act.

  • Clown show : the extraordinary Monsieur F

    This clown show travels all over the world, as it was produced by one of the most talented clowns of the moment. This artist makes the whole world laugh with his blunders and his attitude involuntarily and perpetually beside the point! With his universal gaffe humor, the extraordinary Mr. F and his brother Darix will […]