Acrobat show on skates


Acrobats are really artists who deserve all our admiration: what a difficulty it is to perform difficult choreographies while giving an aspect of great ease.

How many hours of work to build up a body ready to support the weight of the effort… or its partner.

Acrobats are part of an art that is evolving: indeed, initially very masculine, acrobatics has seen the arrival of many talented female artists, some of whom are presented below.

The supports are diverse and transportable to allow them to be adapted to different events and contexts.

  • Acrobat show on skates

    These  acrobats on skates, with an astonishing mix of artistic, acrobatic and sports dance. Our artists, European champion of acrobatic roller shows, offer you an exceptional performance, mixing speed and balance. The quality of their show was rewarded by the Monte Carlo Circus Festival. You’re going to like it Acrobatics Creative Choreography

  • Duo of female acrobats

    These female acrobats perform very beautiful figures with apparent ease! This strength number is usually performed by two men, or at least one male partner. These artists are thus renewing their disciplines to the delight of the public. Coming from Eastern European countries, they work all over the world, in the most prestigious places and […]

  • Fabulous trio of acrobats: Mand team

    This acrobat show will amaze you with the apparent ease with which they perform increasingly complex figures. The audience’s admiring silence is in order during the act, as is the thunderous applause that comes at the end of the show!    

  • Human flag

    This human flag act is one of the most difficult of all circus acts. The artist evolves with a lightness and an apparent ease to describe around the mat a well orchestrated choreography. This number lasts 6 minutes and can be proposed at different times of the evening. This human flag number can be played […]

  • Quartet of creative acrobats

    This acrobatics show is a mixture of several genres, all in the service of the public. This quartet combines circus, variety and comedy in a show that runs at full speed. Its originality appeals to all audiences, whatever the number proposed. These artists have many strings to their bow and can therefore be programmed twice […]