Acrobatic and comic act : the famous S

Humor and clowns

comedy and clown shows : these artists have a universal and essential objective: to make their audiences laugh.

Whether by juggling, jumping, falling, jumping, thrilling or by the quality and originality of their faces bring a lot of good humour wherever they go. To do this, they can rely on various companions and instruments, some of them, including our famous ventriloquist, even rely on the talent of their own… Dogs

Humor and clown: such essential talents !

  • Acrobatic and comic act : the famous S

    A particularly brilliant comedy show presented by this trio of crazy artists. They design shows that combine acrobatics, dance and comedy. They ride, dance and jump throughout their acts. These are energy concentrates that have only one objective: to make you laugh!

  • Animal ventriloquist show

    Ventriloquist show performed by one of the masters in the field. In particular, he has developed an exceptional act with his dog, which is particularly funny and highly successful wherever he performs. Not to be missed !!!!

  • Clown show : the extraordinary Monsieur F

    This clown show travels all over the world, as it was produced by one of the most talented clowns of the moment. This artist makes the whole world laugh with his blunders and his attitude involuntarily and perpetually beside the point! With his universal gaffe humor, the extraordinary Mr. F and his brother Darix will […]

  • Mister Court C

    A offbeat comedy show by this artist with a burlesque humour who has created his own universe filled with poetry and offbeat humour. It offers a wide range of numbers, for which it takes you by the hand and transports you into its world He is particularly distinguished with a wonderful number of flying horses […]

  • The art of using napkins

    This comic duo that we present here delivers a rather unique performance. Nothing spectacular like a utensil, just a towel. The very choreographed use of this one will first amaze you and then make you laugh. This particularly funny and original act is suitable for all types of audiences and is a great success wherever […]

  • The crazy jugglers

    Comedy and juggling show  created by the crazy jugglers : two artists who have always been partners.They are in keeping with the purest tradition of the circus, to which they bring a touch of modernity. You witness a succession of stunts and magic. The audience does not fail to participate and laugh at the joyful […]

  • The incredible Bubble Man

    This one man comedy show is an amazing comic and visual moment. The artist puts his astonishing energy at the service of families by mixing several genres: humour, magic, juggling, all in the service of a pure performance. Don’t miss this surprising finale where the artist is literally swallowed up by a giant two-meter bubble.