Crazy trampoline on the wall

Trampoline shows

The trampoline shows has this particular feature that we can have the impression that it is an easy exercise.

Of course, this is not the case.

How many hours of work, how many days of rehearsals to synchronize several artists evolving at the same time on the stage space.

The art of trampoline has evolved a lot and it is a lot to modernize: the choreographies are more and more difficult, the stories told are much more elaborate, the costumes of the artists much more modern too.

These acts bring you lots of laughter, thrills and excitement and are the highlight of a successful day, evening or show !

  • Crazy trampoline on the wall

    wall trampoline is a mixture of aerial acrobatics, humour and staging. A lot of virtuosity put at the service of your events. This company has several numbers and can propose a number of different artists according to the needs. The dynamism of this show will mark the memory of your audience

  • Malicious duo on a trampoline

    trampoline show in duo. Interaction is essential between the characters who will use their complicity to offer a moment full of humour, malice and tenderness. The hand-to-hand exchanges between the artists, their technical qualities, make this show a particularly pleasant moment for your guests.

  • Trampoline show on wall

    Trampoline show on wall of exceptional quality. This magnificent troupe performs acts that are unique in the world. Multi-awarded in the biggest circus festivals, they perform amazingly bouncy choreographies. The artists use the highest wall trampoline in the world, which gives an amazing effect of “human juggling”. Amaze your guests with these fabulous acrobats.