About us

The Co Events entertainment agency is the result of the meeting of 2 totally different and perfectly complementary profiles.

Olivier, le rationnel

He is the manager of the agency.

With his various management experiences in both marketing and sales, he is responsible for the company’s day-to-day relations with its various partners (customers or suppliers).

He discovered event management in another life, as the event and art manager of a famous French casino group; his position has enabled him to organize more than 80 shows per year: intimate events (for 50 people) or much larger events (concert with more than 5,000 spectators).

Carlos, l’artiste

If you have the pleasure of meeting Carlos, you will have the impression of travelling and crossing the ocean, to discover his country of origin, Argentina. It is in Buenos Aires, in the favellas, that Carlos developed a unique talent for a breathtaking artistic act: The Bolas. Spotted by an impresario, Carlos was 20 years old when he discovered France and then went on to perform on a world-famous stage: Le Lido.

He then exported his talent across our country, but also to Dubai, Morocco and many other places.

Then he crossed the line to become a show producer in order to share his knowledge of the artistic world with all our clients.