Big ullusion

Magic and illusion

The estate and the magic shows and illusion shows tricks still fascinate.

When it comes to magic, the range of possibilities is very wide: close up, show on stages for children or adults, pick Pocket magician…

Moreover, the magicians have been able to renew themselves and also stick to their time with the use of digital magic, whether in close-up or on stage.

In the field of magic and illusion, a new discipline has emerged: mentalism; these always surprising acts have met with great success, deserved.

You also have the possibility to call upon magicians of great illusion, who can make a car disappear or appear, make a piano fly… amazing and so spectacular!

Other disciplines that may also be of interest to you are shadow work. The artists, particularly skilled with their hands and fingers, draw choreographies in the shadows with surprising and poetic characters.

The range being very wide, contact us to let us discover your project and your needs